Hi There

Hi friend :) You are welcome here.

I’m Ellen, a self-proclaimed restless spirit, grounded soul.

Through the years of my journey to find balance, I have swung from one extreme to another, fighting my way through substance abuse, eating disorders, sexual misadventures, rage, depression, shame and and and.

I grew up one of those “Good Christian Girls” for whom it was not an option to deviate outside the Southern Baptist rulebook. Which in turn led to some pretty intense dual living & I’m still unraveling the layers of side effects of those dark years.

Yet miraculously throughout it all, my soul has been anchored by the Source of Grace.

I’m still here, (fightin’ & cussin’) & I’ve gathered some coping tools along the way that I would love to share with you.

Follow along for a lot of sass & practical ways to live a thriving, mindful, healthy life.

My hubs & I currently travel full time in a lil’ beat up travel trailer, so expect lots of pics of our girls in purdy (that’s Texan for pretty) locations and my skin getting more & more wrinklylier :)

Our happy place in Florida – parked in a random field.
Skye & Islay (Eye-luh). We named them both after Scottish islands we visited many times & became obsessed with :)

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