Off the Grid

We’ve been on the road for just over two weeks now.  I still wake up, look outside my window and can’t believe this is real.  Andrew and I are currently in an RV park outside of Pinedale.  It’s a simple park, not much to look at, but there are beautiful views of the Wind River Mountains cresting on the horizon.

Pinedale is going to serve as a home base for us.  We plan on staying here going back and forth from on the grid to off.  It’s a great hub because we’re surrounded by mountain ranges.  We can just hop in the car, and after a short drive, go for an epic hike into the Winds.  We also plan on taking little two week side trips to Washington and Oregon and Glacier National Park.  We’ll leave Gertie (trailer) and just sleep out of Hoss (truck).

We spent about four days off the grid at Soda Lake outside of Pinedale.  I don’t call it officially, officially off the grid because we can still get reception with a five minute drive.  I find all this trailer living, off the grid stuff interesting so I’ll give you a lil’ update on how we do that.  We spend a night at an RV park, emptying our gray and black water tanks, filling up our fresh water tank and charging our trailer battery.  Gray water is our run off water from the sink and shower and black water is our gross potty stuff.  I’m getting way too friendly with my waste, just sayin’.


Anyway!!  We drive to where we wanna go, perch ourselves beneath a mountain and set up shop.  Andrew gets the trailer all level and unhitches the truck.  I clean up the inside and put stuff back in their proper spot after everything has moved from the ride over.  It’s really like glorified camping.  We don’t use lights or AC, because this takes up too much battery.  We have the windows open and it’s the perfect weather here in Wyoming, a cool breeze keeps the trailer pleasant.  The stovetop works off of gas so we’re good there.

We were going along just dandy until our battery started dying.  Our fridge runs off of gas, but I think it takes electricity to light the spark that keeps it going.  So after a few days we heard this clicking noise over and over.  We thought our fridge was dying but it turns out it was just trying to light itself.  Andrew plugged in the truck to the trailer battery to charge it for about 30 minutes and we were able to make it for a couple more days.  We of course had to keep charging the battery throughout the day.  Eventually we packed everything up and moved to the RV park to fully charge the battery and empty our tanks.


Solar panels and generators will charge the battery and enable us to stay off the grid longer.  But those solutions are really expensive, like thousands of dollars.  So in the mean time we’re going to get a second battery that we can change out.  This will give us a couple more days off the grid, which is where we prefer to camp.

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Green River Lakes which is totally and completely off the grid.  It’s about an hour drive to cell reception.  The view is just too much to take in.  We’re so excited.

We’ve been going on long hikes every day.  We really lucked out with Islay Blue.  She is the best hiking dog.  Even off leash, she stays right with us during the whole trail.  Aussies have a lot of energy and this hiking thing is right up her alley.  She comes home exhausted and takes a long nap.  We get very excited when she takes naps.  Her nickname is Stinker, and it’s hilarious, she even responds to it.  She has quite the personality and keeps us busy.  In fact, we have to go for a walk every day or homegirl gets restless.  It’s good, keeps us active.


We’ve been checking out churches while on the road.  We’ve only been traveling for two Sundays.  It’s fun to be a newbie because everyone welcomes you all excitedly and shows you around.  Since we’re going to be here for a bit in Pinedale, we’ll actually get to go to the same church twice!

These were details that I thought a lot about before we hit the road.  Where am I going to go to church?  How does off the grid work?  Will Islay like it and keep up?  How am I going to cook?  So far, everything is working out really great.  We haven’t made any tragic mistakes.. yet.  We were talking to another Full Timer here at the RV park and I can tell we still have a loooot to learn.  These peoples are pros at this.  It really is a whole other subculture.  A subculture of freakishly happy people.  They definitely look at us with wonder, I can see it in their eyes, “How is a young gun like you able to do this?..”  It always comes up in conversation and I’m so proud to say that it’s all my hubby and his hard work mad photography skills.

We’re already talking about never coming home and doing this for the rest of our lives.  Haha, we’ll see in a couple of years.  Who knows, I might want a garden or something.  Again, I don’t know how long we can keep this going, but we sure are enjoying the views.


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