Playing in the Rain

I had the coolest Mama growing up.  When I was little and living on the cul-de-sac of Stratford Lane, Mama would kick us out of the house after our one episode of Brady Bunch and we would play outside.  I remember one Texas summer day the rain started coming down gently and warm.  Well, that didn’t deter Mama.  She had us put on our swimsuits and set us loose to run around the neighborhood like fools dancing in the rain.  It was one of my favorite childhood experiences.  I closed my eyes toward the sky and let the rain wash over my face and through my hair and make little goosebumps on my skin.

Funny how something that is such a special treat when you’re younger can become tiresome and bothersome when you’re older.  I still love the rain, kinda, unless I’m running errands.  Sometimes in the comfort of my home I imagine that I have a wild hair and I can see myself running down the street in jubilation.  But I never actually do it.


I spent most of my childhood up in trees.  I would talk to the branches and leaves and birds and try to mimic their songs.  I would watch the neighborhood kids play their games and feel perfectly happy playing my own games in my wonderland.  To this day I can spot a good climbing tree from a mile away.  The best ones are medium sized branches that you can wrap your arms around that are low to the ground.  Best for hoisting yourself up.  We’ll be walking on a trail, I’ll spot a Climbing Tree, get the urge to explore it’s branches, but I pass it by.


We all dream as kiddos.  We imagine what our life will be like.  What we’ll be doing.  What we’ll look like.  “Will my hair be long or short and spunky?”, I used to wonder.  It’s interesting what dreams we hold on to and which ones we let go of as we get older.  While other girls were playing with dolls and picking out baby names I was getting dirty in the backyard, dragging all my books underneath a bush and watching the world go by.  I dreamed one day that I could live outside, listen to birds, explore trees and play in the rain forever.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that original dream hasn’t left me.  For many years I though it was silly, wrong even.  People don’t live outside!  They have “real jobs” in “real offices” and live in “real homes.”

Dusk, colorful sky, and lit tent under a silhouetted Nugent Mountain

Andrew and I have stopped fighting against our desires and in one month are taking our biggest risk and going on the road full time.  We hope to along the way encourage others to tap back into those dreams that made their eyes bright as a child.  Ideas that made your heart flutter and a little nervous.  Something “crazy” and outside of your norm.

Why do we do the things we do?  Is it because we feel like we’re suppose to?  That’s what everyone else is doing?  That’s what my parents did?  What were your dreams as a kiddo?

I don’t want to watch my life from the sidelines.  I want to take risks, climb trees, get out in the rain and make mistakes.  I might fall but at least I tried.  So here’s to dreamin’.


Tonight! Andrew and I are hosting an online art show to support our crazy dreams.  Select prints will be on sale for a huge discounted rate of $59 from 6-10 pm.  We really appreciate your support and hope you will love the images.


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