The Plan

It’s been a few days since our big announcement of going on the road full time and I wouldn’t be surprised if when done reading the blog you were like, “How in the heck are they going to make money traveling around in a trailer??”

Well, I thought I’d fill you in a bit on our plan.  It hits me every now and then, ok all the time, how crazy this idea is.  I mean, it makes complete sense in my brain, it’s perfect for me and Andrew, I have a gut feeling that it will be awesome, but at the same time I get a little concerned thinking, “Will this actually work?  Like, will we be able to eat and stuff?”


Andrew and I we’re chatting the other day and he asked, if you had all the money in the world, what would you do?  This is actually a common question we ask each other to check in on our dreams.  And you know what for the first time in a long time I said, “This.  I’d be doing exactly what I’m doing now, teaching yoga and living on the road in a travel trailer.”

Am I cheating fate by chasing after my dreams so young?  I’ve grown up with the mentality that I’m suppose to work my hiney off and then one day I’ll get to live my dream.  But now I have to pay my dues.  Hard work now, pay off later.  But what if I could work hard at what my heart desired?  One day I had to give myself permission to run hard after what I want.  To work like crazy yes, but to work toward and with my soul’s dreams not against them.

I’ve had to sacrifice many things on the way, like new clothes, eating out and fabulous food, but most of all, security.  There are months when we are eating plain quinoa for dinner and hoping that we’ll get some money in before our food runs out.  There are months when we don’t know if we can pay our bills on time or at all.  And that is stress yall, stress.  With two freelance lifestyles it is feast or famine.  But over time, I’m finding that I’m getting better in the lack of security, famine seasons.  First of all, without fail, every month, when we’re biting our nails and stressing about making it, God provides out. of. the. blue.


It will be in the most random ways but it’s always enough for us to pay our bills and eat.  Many times, He waits until the last possible minute which makes it when he does comes through all that more miraculous.  I am learning to be totally dependent on him.  I’m also super aware of the fact that any money we make is all Him.  We work yes, but for us to make a living as a yoga instructor and photographer is nothing but the grace of God.  He provides every client, every gig.

So back to our plan.  How the heck are we going to do this??  First of all, we are “diversifying” as Andrew calls it.  We plan on making income from multiple sources.  Andrew sells his prints online (oh ya!!  Super awesome online art show this Thursday 6-10pm!!  Discounted prints, just $59!!) he also sells them through his stock agency who sells them to magazines and stuff.  We have sponsors who send us gear, we prance around the desert and photograph it, then sell them the images.  Andrew has workshops lined up in Wyoming and Colorado.  I know I’m leaving out other things, that man is always thinking of ways to make money.  I’m researching different blogs to sell my writing to.  No paying gigs yet, so would love your prayers about that!  I’m also looking to start selling travel yoga videos, this is a new idea and we’ll see how it plays out :)

We’ve basically thought of things that we’re naturally good at and are trying to make those skills make money.  Let me tell ya, it’s a scramble, security is scarce and the drama is for real.  But do not hear this as complaining!  I could not have it any other way.


We have not bought our trailer yet.  We got to big for our britches and starting looking at super fancy trailers.  Then we had a come to Jesus meeting and have returned to the place of we don’t care what it looks like, as long as it has a toilet, a bed and wheels we’re happy!!

We recently got a new truck to pull said trailer.  His name is Hoss.  I look like, super butch driving it.  But hey!  At least it will pull a trailer!  We sold my car and are both sharing Hoss.  This makes for fun scheduling but we both realize it’s one step closer to our goal.


We’ve started selling our home furniture online and are planning a garage sale.  This is where not being attached to your stuff really comes in handy.  I’m looking forward to traveling light and easy.


So that’s it, that’s our plan.  We have lots of money making possibilities, but it all comes down to the Lord.  It really does.  He could provide a job in a heartbeat.  Or He could stop us dead in our tracks.  I feel like each day we’re making baby steps toward our goal.  So far each day, one little door opens and we move through it.  I’m hoping that all these openings will lead us on the road.  But I’m preparing my heart for some to close in our face and this not work out.

It’s a gamble, there’s a lot of our heart and soul on the table.  Keep us crazy Slatons in your thoughts and prayers!  I’ll keep updating you on our progress.


10 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Very cool. I’m about to go on the road as a freelance writer myself. It’s scary, but what good is being able to work remotely if I don’t take advantage and see the world? I want to see how things go for you, so I’m following :) Good luck!!! I’ll be back in the comment section soon I’m sure.

  2. Pam Porter

    Elle, remember that not only will God provide, but he also wants you to be happy. Keep that big heart of yours open to his love and savor the quiet moments when His Spirit speaks. I love you guys and you’re always welcome to come by for a visit and a meal.

  3. Hi, Ellen! My little brother, Michael A, pointed me to your blog, and I am so glad that he did! We have been living in a 31′ tt with our 3 kiddos for the last year+ and it has been an adventure! Sadly, we are not traveilng the world, but are parked behind my in-laws garage, caring for their day-to-day needs. It is awesome, and hard and we are exactly where He wants us to be…so it is all good!

    If I could give you a few bits of unsolicited, full-time rv living advice (someone should benefit from all that we have been through!):

    1) make sure that your new cameper is water tight and has no water issues inside. Trust me on this. We thought we could “handle that” but it is infinitley more expensive and time consuming than you can imagine. So unless you have the time and money to really fix it…pass that RV by and find one that is more sound!

    2) in regards to what you keep and get rid of…basically, if you pack one suitcase for each of you, a suitcase of kitchen stuff and a suitcase of towels, sheets, etc….then you will be right at about what you can fit in your camper. Actually, you will be able to fit a few more things…but truly, that is just about it.

    That’s it. The two things that I wish someone had told me, before we started this! Thanks for letting us follow along on your journey, and if you are ever in SW Virgina, you can always plug in here!

    1. Hi Trina!! That is such helpful advice, thank you!! I feel like there is so much we don’t know. Especially about trailers. We’re definitely planning for learning the hard way, haha. But this is really helpful, thank you!

  4. Heather

    Hi, I’ve recently found your blog and enjoyed your posts. One year ago, we sold our home and are full-timing it in a camper…well, in our own way. We live in the camper full-time, travel as often as possible (four full months a year plus 1-2 weeks/month the rest of the year), but also have a home-base for our employment.

    Anyway, our journey has been a struggle in many ways for various reasons. In all honesty, we have not found the joy and freedom we hoped for….yet…but we still feel it will come. God urged us to make this drastic, counter-culture move and He is with us.

    We’ve talked about bailing. Several times. What’s funny is that the dream is still with us, despite ridiculous setbacks and obstacles and hardships. When we are old and gray, I KNOW we will be so glad we lived life fully, took risks, and followed our hearts.

    So, thankyou for your heartfelt writing, and know that your “crazy” idea is right on, because you are still dreaming. Most “grown-ups” stop doing that; they stop truly living. And dreaming, living…these are not things you will regret when you’re old and gray.

    If you want to follow our dreaming and traveling, we are “dirtrockmtn” on Instagram.

    Happy travels!

    1. Thank you so much Heather for commenting!! I know this is a crazy dream. Thank you for your encouragement about it. And good for you for taking the risk traveling so much! I hope yoir journeys are rewarding.

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