Full Timers!!

Andrew and I have been in Big Bend National Park for two weeks now. Funny how even in this glorious place, my favorite park, I become restless and ready to move on. 
I’ve been getting up and going to bed with the sun. I’ve been doing yoga outside under the bright blue sky. I’ve had hearty camp food and played with Islay. But still, I’m unsettled and ready to go. 
I’ve learned to accept this wandering spirit of mine. To not expect a place or person to fill up this hole. When I’m living outside I’m more at ease, able to sit still longer. But the time has come, the highway is calling, I’m ready for a change. 

Looking back I’ve realized that even as a girl I didn’t want a home with a white picket fence – I wanted to live in the trees and talk to the birds. I love children and being around them but I could never see myself as a Mama.  
I never thought that I’d meet someone that lined up with my crazy dreams until I met my mountain man artist Andrew. It’s interesting the dreams that the Lord places on our heart. The innate, deep desires.  

As I’m sure you’ve heard from Andrew, we plan to go on the road full time beginning in June. Each time we came home from a long trip our house felt less like a home. We both come alive living on the road, taking only the necessities, sleeping outside. One day I finally spoke what we were both thinking, “Can we just never go home? Can we make the road our home?”
So here we are!! We plan to sell and give away all our stuff, pack up our dog and cat in a trailer and hit the road! 

For over a year now, we’ve been working toward that goal. We’ve reached out to companies to sponsor us. Brands that we already use in our everyday on the road. We’ve been photographing their gear in return for a sponsorship. And it’s been successful so far. Many of our trips have been paid for up to now. But we still need a little bit more so we’re racking our brains for other income options. I’m looking into selling my writing to different companies and blogs. Andrew is doing the same. He also has some workshops lined up in Wyoming for the summer.  
We’re getting closer and closer to our planned departure date and I’m too scared to hope fully in it because I want it so so bad. What are we going to do if this doesn’t work out? We keep talking about Plan B, all the while yearning and hoping and working to make our first option a reality. 

I used to work in a lil’ office and wear high heels and make up and roll through the 8-5 routine and I was miserable. It was quite a break for me leave that and become a yoga instructor. I felt like for the first time my dreams lined up with my reality. I keep thinking through how I can still teach on the road and I believe it will reveal itselt once we get there. 
Andrew and I feel like we’re in a bit of a waiting period. Waiting for sponsors to line up, waiting to find the right trailer, waiting for things to fall into place.  

We might do this and it could be the most glorious thing for us. Or we might hit the road and run out of money as our plans smack to the ground. I’ve been learning to not need stability as much and to trust in the Lord for my safety. I keep reminding myself that he’s got this and is in control. 

I keep praying for the strength to trust in him and his provision. Do I believe that he truly wants the best for me? Even that he is the one who placed this desire on my heart? What if his timing is different than my own?  

Day by day, moment by moment I’m having to retrust in him. It’s a crazy idea, going on the road full time. And Andrew and I are pretty crazy. So here’s to dreaming big folks! 
I’ll keep you updated on our progress so stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Full Timers!!

  1. Anna

    Oh, Elle! This makes my heart so, so happy! Also, I just added you to a Facebook freelance writer group for women (you’ll be added as soon as the admin approves it, which sometimes takes a little bit), which is a really lovely, super supportive group that is incredibly helpful, so I bet you can find a bunch of connections there for your writing! Anyway, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited times infinity for you guys!

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