Making Pies

“Hi!  How you doin’?”
“How’s your day goin’?”
“Oh you know, it’s goin’ good..”

How often do you answer this question honestly?  How often do you ask this question genuinely?

I’m not saying you need to pour out your heart and soul to the poor lady at the check out lane but when a friend is greeting you, and asking how you’re doing, how often do you answer this question truthfully?

I know I usually don’t.  And I find myself just going through the motions.  Now, my family wont let me get away with that, they know me well enough to say, “Elllllllllen, what’s going on?…”  And that’s good, I need someone to push me, or pull it out of me, rather.  Do you have friends like that?  Are you that friend for someone else?

As you know from my last post I’ve been going through a hard season lately.  Haha, I feel like this season has been hanging on for quite a while.  I’ve been practicing something that has truly been getting me through my days.  With each inhale I think, “I need you Lord,” and with each exhale I think, “You are faithful.”

It first of all reminds me to breathe deeply, because often times I’m stuck physically and emotionally holding my breath.  Second, it turns into this meditation and helps me regroup wherever I am; stuck at a red light, frustrated at my sock getting stuck on my toe, angry at my keys stuck in my ignition.  …If you’re not picking up what I’m throwing down, I’ve been a wee bit frustrated and anxious and it’s coming out in the most random ways.


Welcome to life right?  We feel trapped by circumstances, even if they aren’t necessarily “bad” ones.  Restless in our situations.  Unsatisfied with what we have or don’t have.  Always looking to the next step, or the next mama, or the other job.  Waiting to lose the next five pounds, or hanging on until the next vacation.  Stuck.  Anxious.

Please, please trust me that I am not saying this lightly: it is a practice to be satisfied where we are.  It is a practice to be joyful where we are at.  It is stinkin’ hard work to trust that the Lord is faithful, and “has great plans for us, to prosper and not to harm us.”

This is one of the reasons I love yoga so much.  Every day I come to the mat my body feels different.  Emotions, circumstances, even what I ate the night before, effects the poses and how they feel in my body.  What felt amazing and strong the day before can be a hot mess the day after.  I will never “get” a posture.  I have to work through what is going on emotionally, mentally and be patient with my body.  This is why it is called a Yoga Practice.


Just as I each day have to come to the mat, access the mental, emotional & physical condition and work through the posture, in the same way do I each day have to come before the Lord, check in with how I’m feeling and choose to say, “I need you, you are faithful, I trust you.”

His faithfulness and grace are there, are you living freely in it?  I know for myself, it is a daily practice to remember to do so.

I’ll tell you what, some days I just make it through.  And that’s ok.  I’m not in a pit of despair and I’m not flying high on a mountain top, but hey, I’m making it.  I think with all the social media glamour I feel this expectation to be living gloriously ALL THE TIME and I just can’t do that.  So I am giving myself, and you, the freedom to just live, period.  If that means that some days you barely make it through, good for you.  If some days you need help to struggle along, welcome to the party.  There are seasons for everything, feel the freedom and grace in that.


There’s this song by the Mighty Powerful Patty Griffin called Making Pies.  She has this ability to make you experience a lifetime of emotion in one song.

In Making Pies she sings from the perspective of a woman who has lived many years and seen a lot.  The lyrics have been floating around in my head:

“You could cry, or die, or just make pies all day. I’m making pies.”

She’s not defeated, it’s the exact opposite.  She’s living, moving on with her life, making it through each day.  She could sit in a house alone in a pit of despair or she could put on her plastic cap, get flour all over her hands and work.  Here’s to making pies ladies.

Patty Griffin – Making Pies – You Tube


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