Hunger & Thirst

I have a daily yoga practice.  Before you start to think that I’m all hardcore and super awesome let me fill you in.

Some days, yes, I’m pretty neato and it turns into a long practice full of fancy poses. But lately, it mainly constist of a LOT of Forward Folds, Supine Twists and holding Downward Dog for a long time.

One benefit of a daily practice is it forces me to settle and pay attention to what is going on in my brain. When I’m going through a hard time, I find that I want to avoid my daily practice because I don’t want to face the stillness that yoga ushers in.

This morning I meditated on the following verse in my practice:

At first I focused my mind on what it would look like in my day-to-day if I was righteous. How would my actions & words be different?  How would I treat my husband differently? How would I respond to people that interrupt my plans?

Then a very sad thought came crashing in. What do I truly hunger and thirst for? 

I’ll tell you. I hunger for “likes” and approval. I thirst to be just a little bit skinnier and for those dang saddlebags to be gone.  I long for pretty, shiny things. And I crave lack of responsbility and absolute control.

I find this is what I often focus my mind on. Yep. Pretty much all the time. Definitely not how to make myself more loving, patient and understanding.

Follower of Christ or not, what do you spend your days meditating on?

I find where I concentrate my energy significantly affects not just my mind, but my physical body as well.

Have you also found this to be true or do you think it’s completely bogus?  I would love your thoughts.

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