Non Profit Thursday!

Do you have dreams? I know I sure do.

I have great goals for my business.  Hobbies I want to start and perfect.  Goals with my personal yoga practice.  Hopes to travel to exotic places with my man and live happily ever after.  Seriously, don’t get me started.

When I first traveled to South Sudan with Seed Effect (Microfinance Org.) a few years ago, one thing among others, that really struck me is that dreaming is a luxury.


When your whole existence is focused on surviving day-to-day, working hard to feed your family of eight, there is no thought or energy to think about the future.  It’s not realistic to dream.

I think this is why microfinance is so powerful.  It teaches skills like budgeting, planning and saving.  I met with Seed Effect clients, and saw first hand the impact this organization had on their lives.  They can provide food for their families, send their children to school, and they’re learning about the beautiful, redeeming love of God.

At our last Non Profit Thursday, we raised over $420 for Seed Effect!  THANK YOU!!!

I had the overwhelming joy of working with Seed Effect for a couple years, meeting with clients and gathering stories.

Last summer, Joseph Jonah welcomed me and Andrew into his home in South Sudan, and served us the most amazing Chicken Stew.  Because of Seed Effect, he can now dream.  Read his story on Seed Effect’s blog here.



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