Andrew has this thing if he sees a dirt road splitting off a paved highway, he has to follow it.


I have this thing if I see a dusty trail winding into the trees, I have to follow it.

Our story is not one that will make it into a fairytale love song.  It’s best told post dinner, full belly, wine glass in hand.

Needless to say, we both tried to make a mess of it, but God in His unexplainable grace looked in and decided to make something beautiful.

I’m warming my toes by a fire surrounded by the majestic Wind River Range of Wyoming.  Andrew is to my left taking photos of the full moon disappearing beyond the horizon.


I’m reminded of a time during our tumultuous friendship when I asked, “When you’re up there standing on that mountain top, surrounded by unspeakable beauty… don’t you want to share it with someone??


As Andrew wandered alone in the mountains I was reeling in the city.  Many nights, sleep would not come and I found myself winding up and down the streets of the neighborhood.

Restless. I remember naively thinking if I could just have my One True Love, my crazy heart would be at peace.  It would sit still.  I was conflicted, even guilty, about the fire in my heart.

What if this restlessness was God given?  What if it will never subside, but is meant to push me on, challenge me, thrust me towards Him?

I find that I’ve been wandering my whole life.  Then I found Andrew.  For a while I expected my chemistry to change, but I’m realizing, maybe we we’re meant to wander together.


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