The “Wing Shot”

Planes are lining up on the runway, and I hear gentle snoring coming from the seat behind me as I take the classic “Wing Shot.”


You see this picture all over Facebook and Instagram and they say the same thing, “Freedom! I’m out of here! Escape. Adventure. Jealous?”

Flying seems to soothe that unquenchable restlessness in my soul.

As the plane speeds down the runway I get that weird sinking-in-my-gut feeling. Then as we first become airborn a lightness melts over my body; it’s as if time slows down for a moment – we’re suspended in air.

As my breath becomes deeper, my home town starts to fade away.

I know Dallas, Texas like the back of my hand. Yet I’m always surprised at how the altered perspective of flying can completely change my home.

I can’t pinpoint the major highways and it takes me forever to find the stinkin’ skyline.

I wonder how many times in my life I get stuck staring at something from the same stubborn point of view. I know that from others, looking in from a clearer perspective, I must be walking in circles or facing a dead end.

What a beautiful reprieve to shoot into the air, and fly above the clouds and the circumstances below.

An escapist like me would love to just soar in the sunlit clouds forever. But like a nagging in the back of my head, I know this restless spirit of mine can’t be tamed with one lil’ flight.

So the real adventure begins when I bring this fresh perspective to the reality on the ground.

Here we go!


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