Well dagnabbit

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You know how it is.

You’re in super “Go Mode,” waking up a the crack of dawn, plans are being made, things are getting done and each evening ends with that feeling of accomplishment.

I’ve been riding this high for a few weeks now.

Then something simple as a scratchy throat and stuffy nose reminds me, “Oh ya, I’m a human.”

Just go with me here.

There is nothing wrong with making plans, I’m not saying that.  There is nothing wrong with working your booty off and feeling satisfied at the end of the day.

It’s just in moments like these, when I’m a lil’ under the weather, I realize how over confident I have gotten in my super awesomeness.

“But I can breathe through extremely difficult circumstances!  I eat SUPER healthy.  I can balance on my head for goodness sake!”  *Please note sarcasm*

And yet, with one change of the breeze, the shifting of the seasons, I am humbled.  Humbled low.

Where I get caught is the very subtle sin of self-sufficiency.  I find myself struggling to find this very balance within the practice of yoga.  The more I practice, I become more in tune to my body, it’s inefficiencies and problems.  Hand in hand with these discoveries, I am learning how to mend the issues that arise.  It is a mysterious and empowering experience.

Some days I feel like I could solve any problem in the world with a yoga pose!  I am woman, hear me roar!

Then I get a stuffy nose, I can’t breathe, my body aches… I’m tired – and I’m humbled.

Our bodies are beautiful and we can do magnificent things with them.  But I believe they were created for a purpose – to glorify our Creator, not ourselves.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying God made me sick :)

But it is a nice reminder when my head gets a lil too big, that there is something so much grander, majestic and gracious than I can possibly comprehend, and my life, thankfully, is in His hands.

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