Arm Balances & South Sudan

eight angle pose

I was working on an arm balance yesterday. With the name, being pretty self explanatory, these are poses where you contort your body into odd shapes then proceed to plant your hands, lift up and balance your whole frame onto just your arms.

I was doing this at home, by myself. Which means I did not have the inner competition of the group class pushing me on. I tried multiple times, grunted, landed on my booty, got frustrated, then screamed in my head, “WHY AM I DOING THIS?!?!?”

You know, that is a good question. Why do something like this? Injuries can occur; besides falling on your face, muscles can be pulled if not paying attention. And, you know… it’s hard!

Besides just arm balances, why do we come to our mat time and time again? Why do we return to these postures that push us? It can be an arm balance like Eight Angle Pose or it could be a seemingly simple Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend. There are times that our mind and body just stops and says, “That’s it, that’s all I have, I can’t go any further. I’ve got nothing left.”

When we push our bodies to the brink, how do we react?

Andrew and I are traveling back to South Sudan tomorrow with Seed Effect. I have so many thoughts and emotions swirling through my whole frame. Last time we were there, the Sudanese were in the mist of peace. After having seen war, atrocities and genocide for over 25 years, you could feel the energy, excitement, and elation of a people who were finally free.

Andrew’s life and mine were changed forever after hearing the stories of a people who had seen so much, yet are filled with such joy and hope.


We are returning this time to a South Sudan who is once again at civil war.

These are a people now, who in the true form of the word, are on the brink. They are at the point in which something, unwelcome and unknown, is about to happen.


I keep coming back to this place, “But what can I do??!? How in the world can I help?! …I’ve got nothing!”

And there it is, again.

When my mind is brought to the edge.. how do I respond?

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.” 2 Cor. 4:7

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