Yep, there they were.

I was scrolling through the images so fast but they were all I could see – big ole saddlebags hanging on the side of my thighs.

For those of you who don’t know, saddlebags are these precious pockets of fat that settle right around your thighs & booty.  I could yoga for 5 hours a day (which I have done before) and those pretty lil fat particles just won’t go away.  It’s a wonderful characteristic that runs in my family, it’s how my body was made; & because I love to eat, they just aren’t leaving.

I find myself going back & forth about them.  You know I have good days & bad days.  The good days are when I force myself to stare in the mirror, take a deep breath, grab my thigh, give it a jiggle and say “This is some good lovin right here! I have a woman’s body!”

Other days, I avoid mirrors, speak very mean words to myself and put on big skirts.

Us ladies have the amazing ability to look past all the things that make us beautiful and see only the negative traits in clear detail.  What I find more interesting is the innate desire to feel beautiful.

I know throughout my life I have searched for that affirmation in many interesting & wrong places.  I truly don’t know what I would do without the unending faithfulness of God.  A source of grace & affirmation that is limitless. This truth, combined with the practice of yoga that focuses on working with the body instead of forcefully against it, will hopefully sink in one day.

Meanwhile, I’ll stay away from full length mirrors :)

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